International Scientific Committee

The International Scientific Committee (ISC)

At present, the ISC is an entity established under Mauritian Government with members delegated by countries involved in the indentured experience. As such, the ISC is an inter-governmental committee.

Composition of the Committee (2021)


Dr Maurits Hassankhan, President, International Scientific Committee

Historian, Senior Lecturer, Anton de Kom University,
Faculty of Humanities and IGSR


Dr Vijayalakshmi Teelock, G.O.S.K.,

Vice-President, Indentured Labour Route Project

Mr. Satyendra Peerthum, Historian, Coordinator of the 

Indian Ocean Committee

Indian Ocean Region


Mme Catherine Chane-Kune

Directrice de la Culture et du Sport, Department of La Reunion


Dr Michèle Marimoutou

Historienne et Professeure d’Histoire-Géographie à la Réunion
Chairperson of the Scientific Committee of Indentured Labour of La Reunion


Hubert Gijzen (Prof.)

Director, UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa in Nairobi

South Africa

Dr Goolam Vahed

Professor, Department of Historical Studies, University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa


Prof Nalini Moodley

Assistant Dean and Senior Lecturer of the Faculty of the Arts, Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria


Dr Ashutosh Kumar

Associate Professor

Chairman of the Centre for Alternative Studies in Social Sciences-New Delhi


Dr Amit Mishra

Associate Professor

Pacific Region


Mr. Muhamad Mansur Bin Ahmad Kusosi

Curator, Archeology Division, Department of National Heritage

New Zealand

Dr Farzana Gounder Deputy Head of School (Research), IPU New Zealand Tertiary Institute
Adjunct Professor, The University of Fiji, JDP School of Law.


Dr Ganeshwar Chand

Vice-Chancellor, Solomon Islands National University and Chairman, Global Girmit Institute


Mr. Collin Sowani Yabaki

Director Heritage and Arts


Professor (Ms.) Shaista Shameem

Acting Vice Chancellor
Dean, Coordinator, International and Regional Relations and Diplomacy Programme
JDP School of Law, University of Fiji

Atlantic & Caribbean Region

Trinidad & Tobago

Dr Radica Mahase

Senior Lecturer, History Dept, College of Science & Tech


Dr. Minakshi Carien

Docteur en Science de l’Art: Théorie, Praxis et Esthétique, Université d’Artois


Dr. Lomarsh Roopnarine

Professor, Jackson State University, Mississippi, USA

Quebec, Canada

Dr. Nalini Mohabir

Assistant Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment, Concordia University


Ravindra Dev

US attorney of law, member of the NY bar (JD), an ex-MP in Guyana

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